Chef Khan has always been spoken in high regards when it comes to the premier catering services. Chef Khan had started this service way back in the year 1992, and now his son is an integral part of the operations as well. Chef Ramzan Sharif is now actively working towards scaling the already well-renowned catering business to a new height.

Chef Ramzan Sharif is actively ensuring to take his father’s legacy forward. He himself is a highly rated professional chef, and he has worked in the Le Royal Meridian- Bahrain, Radisson- New Delhi, Oberoi’s- New Delhi, Hyatt Hotel- New Delhi. He has more than 24 years of work experience in the hospitality sector and is now successfully running the catering service, Chef Khan which is based in Delhi NCR. Given his tremendous work record at some of the best hotels in the nation, the food quality is maintained to the top level.

Chef Khan caters its services to various events, occasions, weddings, receptions, private gathering, corporate events, birthday parties, etc. Some of the clients have always been high profile, and we have always provided the best of services. We also take the customised orders as well, and we will ensure that those items will be on the menu as well. We know how important it is for guests and especially the hosts to have everything done in a perfect manner, but we will ensure that the catering task goes completely smooth. Our staff is professional and highly trained, so there will be no complaint about that either.

We are recognised for our versatility as we can make the arrangement for even 25 people and also for 900 people and moreover the cutlery, dishes and glasses are imported and of the best quality. Our team also consists of service boys, stewards, professional managers, captains and it is our motto to provide you with the best service.

The menu of our catering service is something that always has earned us a lot of praise and great reviews because of the wide range of cuisine that we offer at just one place. The menu is quite intensive and intricate as it includes the dishes from western and northern frontiers of the nation, France, Mexican, Thai secrets, Swiss, Italian, and Lebanese. All of which will be cooked to the perfection and our guests have always relished the taste of the multiple cuisines they have tasted.

Custom menu items are a forte of us at Chef Khan as well, and our menu consists of the Indian cuisine, International cuisine and the live counter as well. The extensive menu items are something that is looked as delicacies, and they tend to indulge in it with utmost joy.

It is always a tough job and responsibility to join the business that the parent has started and to join that and take the mantle forward is something that Chef Ramzan has done fabulously. Chef Khan is one of the most preferred catering service providers in Delhi NCR region, and Chef Ramzan has ensured that the quality of it never dips.